About SBA

VISION: Help all athletes have a place to develop and enhance their baseball skills through value innovation and the highest level of instruction.

MISSION: Improve performance / results for every member.  This will be measured by their performance in game situations.  For 15u and higher; Properly expose each player to their level of play.  This will be measured (in collaboration with their High School Coach) in conversion to the next level of Baseball.

BELIEF: Until the game of Baseball reduces the amount of players on a team to one (1); the SHOW will concentrate on individual skills, strategies, and development that helps their TEAM win ball games.  We will focus on “Showcase TEAMS” and what it takes to become a “Showcase TEAM”.

Culture:  The Culture of the SHOW will be very communal; equally valuing sociability and results based on our core values.

Core Values:  C.P.A.

- CUSTOMER OBSESSION = “Make everyone feel important”
- PLAYER DEVELOPMENT = “Develop a teammate/co-worker” “Develop a leader/manager”
- ATTITUDE = “you never know who is watching”

“A facility can’t get you into the Pro’s or even into college.  In fact; there is a very good chance your son will not play baseball past 12 years old, and a better chance he won’t play past 18 years old; however there is a very good chance he will become a co-worker and/or a manager – either way; the SHOW will prepare your son to perform in front of paying fans or compete for titles such as employee of the year”.


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